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Why is the topic of AEO important for trade?

AEO is a concept that aims at balancing increased security requirements with facilitations for compliant traders. It constitutes a main element of the Customs Security Program of the European Union.
The training is intend to be a helpful tool both to customs and trade about the legislation, the benefits and the process of getting the AEO status.

Our target is to foster a uniform implementation of the connected standards throughout the European Union.

What will you learn by studying this course?

Having studied this course, you will:
  1. be familiar with the AEO concept and the 3 types of AEO certificates
  2. understand why an AEO status may be of interest for an economic operator
  3. know how and where to apply for an AEO certificate
  4. be familiar with the criteria that will need to be met and how should one prepare for this
  5. understand customs' decision process
  6. know the actions will need to be taken once AEO status is granted
How was the course developed?

The course was developed under the Customs 2013 Programme. The content was created by a project team comprised of national experts and officials working at the Customs and Taxation Directorate General of the European Commission.

The course contains topics considered to be of common interest across the EU.

How should I Start to Use This Course?
  1. First, please save the zip-file to your hard disk
  2. Extract the zip-file to a folder of your choice
  3. Read the 'Quick Start Guide'- document in this folder
  4. This document will provide you with all the necessary technical information
  5. Install the course to your system as specified in this document or ask your system administrator to do so


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