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The standard VAT functionality of SAP is far from optimal. Partly due to this reason SAP offers a certain degree of flexibility within the system, which enables users to apply adjustments in order to customize SAP for their organization. Previously this was known as ‘user exit’ and nowadays as enhancement implementation.

It offers users the possibility to add functionality and that is exactly what is accomplished with the implementation of Taxmarc™ without an interface.

Taxmarc™ basically creates a bypass in SAP, thereby building on the standard functionality and infrastructure of SAP, and adding extra ‘brain capacity’ in SAP. As a result, companies are able to automatically and correctly determine the VAT treatment for all transactions without external interfaces.

In addition, Taxmarc™ provides a VAT/GST Tax Control Framework integrated in SAP. This framework ensures that incorrect and improbable results are immediately visible and can instantly be corrected, so time-consuming corrections afterwards, such as the correction of sales invoices, can be prevented.

Simply the best SAP Add-on solution to overcome pitfalls and shortcomings within SAP’s VAT determination and reporting logic.
  1. Taxmarc™ draws upon 30 parameters at this level to be able to fully automate the VAT determination of all (chain) transactions in SAP on real time data. Via enhancement implementation extra Taxmarc™ functionality is added to standard SAP (no external software and no interfacing).
  2. In analogy with a car, we have tuned up standard SAP (i.e. given it extra brain power) to realize that extra indirect tax performance. The result is that the VAT treatment of all incoming and outgoing invoices is automatically determined for also the most complex transactions. In fact you have a SAP built in designated driver that makes that happen.
  3. Even important is that you keep on driving safely. It therefore includes all the necessary safety features such as an integrated Tax Control Framework that stops the car or shows a RED light in an emergency table when danger is ahead.
During Big4 software vendor selections Taxmarc™ has been selected various times as the ‘best’ SAP Add-on solution for automating the indirect tax determination for both incoming and outgoing invoices including its integrated tax control framework with automated VAT controls.

Not only have we been recommended but also tested intensively prior to production by the Big4. Recently the outcome of a very detailed report was again that after intensive testing the solution works according to its specifications and could go into production.

A good question to ask our client references. We stimulate such Q&A.

Feature overview of our various packages

All packages are SAP integrated with no external software and no interfacing.

In analogy with a car, do you prefer a SUV instead of a supercar? That is possible as our features can be deselected and still added on at a later stage. We are aware that not everybody needs a supercar immediately.


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