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Taxmarc™ Purchase Engine is derived from Taxmarc™ Tax Engine, which has already proved its value at various multinationals. The VAT treatment can be determined and verified real-time and in an automated way for incoming invoices.

The VAT code is automatically determined and validated against the applicable fiscal requirements. The Taxmarc™ Purchase Engine is unique in that it combines the information from the SAP purchase orders and vendor with the relevant information from the purchase invoices. It is a flexible process which supports the invoice processing without the necessity of changing purchase orders afterwards for VAT reasons only.

The automaticity of this solution allows efficient and effective deployment of employees and makes manual operations in the financial department, Accounts Payable (AP), or the Shared Service Center largely redundant. Furthermore, fiscal trainings, providing and updating manuals, and giving web-based instructions through decision trees are no longer necessary, since the fiscal regulations are incorporated in SAP itself.

A decision could be made to purchase all functionality (package 1 and 2) or to de-scope certain features now and have still the flexibility to add on later when needed.

Taxmarc™ Purchase Engine package 1

- Inter-company and 3rd Party drop shipments included
- Tax determination for Inter-company invoice booked in FI
- Tax determination for 3rd Party drop shipments during purchase order creation

Taxmarc™ Purchase Engine package 2

- Tax determination for purchase orders not related to sales orders
- Tax determination during purchase invoice receipt (MIRO)

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