Always dreamt of owning your own Formule 1-car?

5 years 10 months ago - 5 years 10 months ago #266 by ricorn

This one is a bargain and you can buy it on eBay for EUR 93,000. It looks great from the outside, but in fact it is still missing the engine, its electronics and its steering wheel.

In our daily tax practice, we have seen people purchasing such a car with the promise that it drives excellent, it has been tested, already in production and used by many satisfied drivers.

How is that possible?

In our market our competition often wants to make his own comfort zone first; it is in his personal interest to sell as much as possible. He does not care that after the sale is closed promises are not kept or functionality is not working according to the functional requirements agreed.

That is where we differentiate. We have built that supercar. It drives and performs according to our provided specifications and a test drive is given via interviewing our customers that already have that driving experience and faced similar challenges. Feasible as all our Taxmarc™ solutions are actually ‘implemented’, ‘tested’ and ‘in production’ by many listed multinationals.

To continue our analogy of a car, we have tuned up Standard SAP (i.e. the SAP engine) to realize that extra indirect tax performance needed. The result is that the VAT treatment of all incoming and outgoing invoices is automatically determined for also the most complex transactions. In fact you have a SAP built in designated driver that makes that happen. Even important is that you keep on driving safely. It therefore includes all the necessary safety features such as an integrated Tax Control Framework that stops the car or shows a RED light in an emergency table when danger is ahead.

Do you prefer a SUV instead of a supercar? That is possible as our features can be deselected and still added on at a later stage. We are aware that not everybody needs a supercar immediately.


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