Indirect tax and black box

6 years 4 weeks ago #186 by ThomasG
Indirect tax and black box was created by ThomasG

"In the governance structure of an organization the internal audit department (IAD) has an important role: having a TCF, takes tax out of the “black box” and makes it auditable on the processes and relating control measures which should be in place. An IAD will not audit the tax technical content of the tax position of the organization, but can audit whether appropriate persons were involved as set in the TCF. As a result, the IAD plays an important role in the operation of a TCF, because “what is being measured will be done”. In this respect it works both ways: the IAD can function as auditor of the tax function because of a TCF, and the TCF can be embedded in the organization through the work of the IAD."

Is indirect tax out of black box yet via a TCF?

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