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The change from version 2.0 to version 3.0 is not minor. Version 2.0 will no longer be accepted starting April 1, 2021. Similar to version 2.0, change requests of multiple kinds have been incorporated. 

First, the system's API shall receive EU invoices, invoices for export transactions, and invoices issued to natural persons from 01.04.2021 - the obligation is mandatory from April 1, 2021. However, NAV has introduced a 'grace' period lasting till March 31, 2021, during which both 2.0 and 3.0 versions are accepted.

Most significant changes:

  • Capability of submitting EU invoices, invoices for export transactions, invoices issued to natural persons,
  • Support of e-invoicing is the new required flag – completenessIndicator,
  • Fix to consolidate the large-size data without losing any relevant business data,
  • Change affecting VAT RateType as it expects a separate code and reason for VAT Exemption, VAT Out of Scope and VAT Amount Mismatch to refine VAT return reports,
  • Restructured handling of advance payments,
  • New indicator, the Customer VAT Status has been introduced, in this mandatory field the status of the customer in the given transaction must be indicated (DOMESTIC, OTHER, PRIVATE_PERSON)

Other changes apply, and when you have purchased the SAP add-on solution for Hungary and closed an annual maintenance contract with us, you will receive a new transport. You will have operational the latest version before April 1, 2021.

E-invoicing methods and overview of new country rollouts

SAP add-on for e-invoicing via post audit method

Roadmap to Tax and IT function effectiveness

KGT SAP add-ons for SAF-T, e-invoicing and MTD UK for VAT work as a standalone application within the SAP system and does not change existing customer SAP functionality or processes. It is fully configurable with custom namespace /KGT.

KGT partnered up with SAP regarding 'SAP Advanced Compliance Reporting for SAP HANA'. The 'Advanced Compliance Reporting' (ACR) service enables you to configure, generate, analyze, and electronically submit statutory reports that contain indirect taxes, such as value-added tax.

KGT provides also S/4 HANA transformation support.

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