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The Intrastat reporting is one of the most complicated reports. Intrastat reports are primarily based on the Sales and Distribution and the Materials Management modules as movement of goods data are the starting point for the Intrastat reports. It is not like VAT reporting based on the Financial accounting module.

The biggest challenge with SAP Intrastat reporting is related to the completeness and correctness of the relevant Intrastat transactions. In standard SAP Intrastat, often transactions are selected that should not have been selected (correctness) and transactions that should have been selected are not selected (completeness). There is no direct link with the VAT treatment of the Intrastat transactions.

Manual corrections are time-consuming and sometimes impossible.

An extraction of a SAP note

Cause and prerequisites: certain constellations of triangular deals cannot be modeled in the standard system.

Intrastat reports are increasingly adopted as a useful tool for tax authorities to evaluate the risk of VAT frauds, a topic high on the priority list of European Commission and local governments.

Mismatches between VAT returns and Intrastat reports have the current focus of tax authorities and can trigger an audit. In practice, reconciliation efforts afterwards are time-consuming and often not possible due to lack of an audit trail.

VAT compliance automation - slides of workshop - point of view of an implementer

Written by Richard Cornelisse

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