B2C E-commerce Turnover Europe and EU28
Association Data at a Glance 2015

Stimulating cross-border e-commerce is Ecommerce Europe’s mission, and therefore we are happy to know that the digital sector is booming. Online retail continues to grow significantly. The European e-commerce turnover managed to increase 13.3% to €455.3 billion in 2015. Compared to the 1.0% growth of general retail in Europe, we can safely state that online trading is here to stay.

Harmonizing VAT, simplifying rules and reducing VAT-related costs

The Commission launched its first legislative proposals for modern digital contract rules for the distance sales of goods and the supply of digital content in December 2015. The Commission is expected to publish new proposals on geo- blocking, parcel delivery and VAT by the end of this year and many more initiatives will be presented in the coming years.

Cross-border E-commerce Barometer 2016

According to the results of the Ecommerce Europe’s Cross-border E-commerce Barometer 2016, online shops selling abroad in Europe still experience concrete barriers to cross-border e-commerce. In particular, these concern differing legal frameworks in EU, complicated taxation systems (VAT) and logistics- and parcel delivery-related issues.

  • Europe: €455.3bn +13.3%
  • EU28: €407.4bn +13.4%
  • 2,500,000+ Estimated number of jobs created directly or indirectly via e-commerce
  • 750,000+ Estimated number of online businesses
  • 4.2bn+ Estimated number of parcels sent annually