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The Key Group and INSynQ announce their strategic partnership. We have developed as you can see in the articles of our brochure various KG SAP add-ons and SAP solutions for VAT automation. Together we will also provide high-quality SAP VAT consultancy services to our clients.

INSynQ and Key Group

INSynQ operates from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The 35 consultants have on average more than 15-years experience in SAP software. INSynQ has implemented about 100 End-to-End global SAP implementations. Marinus Peters, as a Partner, takes responsibility for the SAP VAT related activities.

Marinus and his team will be closely working together with Richard Cornelisse and Lucia Nezvalova to support clients.

We realize with this partnership more efficiently together than either one of us could do separately for VAT SAP-related services and products. Such synergies result from the ability to exploit economies of scale and gaining a critical size that justifies further expansion. We are now able to combine the resources of our two companies to satisfy client needs in this area.
Closely related to this is our objective of innovative SAP product development and our mutual desire to expand and diversify our product lines and also provide 'high-end' SAP VAT consultancy services

SAP add-ons 

SNI add-ons provide mandatory data requests that the tax authorities use to check whether VAT reporting is done or will be done correctly. KG developed SAP add-ons and SAP consultancy services optimize VAT reporting itself in SAP (avoids manual intervention). 

Key Group add ons 2

The KG/SNI strategy is that we will develop SNI add-ons dealing with either SAF-T or mandatory e-invoicing data requests that are and will be rolled in Europe. Our development team starts immediately when the authorities publish the requirements. The standard leap-time from start to completion is normally just two to three months.

Both add-ons of KG and SNI combined offer a client E2E solution: 1) automated VAT reporting (KG) and 2) data requests (SNI).

KG and SNI add ons complementary

  • KG SAP add-ons realize correct VAT determination for incoming and outgoing invoices. The VAT data in SAP is accurate and meets the tax requirements
  • KG SAP add-ons achieve automated VAT reporting without manual intervention. During the VAT return process often data is extracted from SAP in for example Excel and subsequently manually adjusted to meet the tax requirements and that Excel file is used for filing the VAT return. The consequence is as the primary source is not SAP that VAT reporting will no longer reconcile with the XML file
  • SNI SAP add-ons use the output of KG SAP add-ons as the primary data source for extracting data and transform that data in an XML file
  • The periodically filed VAT reporting will reconcile with the submitted XML file

KG 'strategic alliance' brochure

KG SAP add-on solutions 

Written by Richard Cornelisse
 Richard LinkedIn

Richard advises multinational businesses in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their Indirect Tax Function and Tax Control Framework.

He started his career as a manager at Arthur Andersen and then became a partner in EY where I led the indirect tax performance team for Netherlands and Belgium. Currently, he is a senior managing director of the KEY Group.

Richard has over 20 years’ experience advising clients on international VAT issues. He is specialized in the tax aspects of financial transformations, shared service center migration, and post-merger integration work. Richard is also somewhat of a mentor, giving back to the profession. If you are interested in conversation and discussion, please feel free to contact him.