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Tax strategy and transparency

Tax principles

ASML operates under a Code of Conduct. ASML’s Code of Conduct is published on our website under Code of Conduct in the Governance section (also see section 'Business ethics and human rights'). The tax principles under which ASML operates are derived from ASML’s Code of Conduct. This code and the related tax principles guide ASML's dealings with all different type of taxes which it is obliged to report and pay in the jurisdiction in which it operates, including taxes on profits, trade taxes, and taxes paid on employee income.

The rule and spirit of the tax laws
ASML will report and pay taxes in the jurisdiction in which it operates in accordance with all relevant tax laws and regulations. ASML will comply with such laws and regulations as well as with the spirit of those laws and regulations.

Profit allocation

ASML’s worldwide profits are allocated to the various jurisdictions in which ASML operates based on the value created by ASML’s business in those jurisdictions. ASML’s allocation method for its worldwide profits is based on internationally accepted standards of profit allocation as published by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and relevant rules and regulations in the jurisdictions in which ASML operates.

Timely and complete compliance

ASML aims to file all the required tax-relevant filings with the appropriate tax authorities in a timely and complete manner. To assure timeliness and completeness, tax filings will be monitored through ASML’s corporate control framework and comprehensive tax control frameworks. The control frameworks are regularly reviewed and tested. Furthermore, ASML aims for timely payment of its taxes due to the tax authorities.


ASML strives for open and constructive dialogue with tax authorities on the basis of disclosure of all relevant facts and circumstances. ASML aims to be clear about all aspects pertaining to its tax position and share these in a transparent manner with tax authorities to achieve upfront certainty on tax matters.

Tax governance embedded in company management

To safeguard adherence to these tax principles, ASML maintains a well-educated and adequate staff of tax professionals who are in constant dialogue with ASML’s business and ASML’s senior management. ASML’s senior management is engaged and involved in ASML tax matters.